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How I found accommodation in Lithuania

Hi there😃 Kaip sekasi?(How are you?)

There was a sad news yesterday from Manchester. Let’s hope nothing like this would happen never again..My sincere condolences for the death of those people who passed away.


Today, I would like to talk about how I could found my current apparent in Vilnius. Also, if you are studeet and planning to study in Lithuania, you’d better check out😏

Why I didn’t want to stay in my university’s dorm was because

1495532778289…not this xD

But frankly speaking, yes, this is one of the reason. Also all the common place was so messy and I couldn’t have my own room… it was the hell for me 👽


So I decided to find flat by my own. I thought it won’t be so hard as I already experienced in some western europe countries. You can find easily there even you don’t speak the language well, as long as you understand English.


However… in Vilnius…😰😰😰

↑accommodate information for foreigners


↑for the locals


As you can see, the price is set expensive for foreign people, and at the time I was flathunting I couldn’t find any those kind of room, all apartments were full the beginning of September. I guess everyone thinks the same.. wants to have private room at least xD

So I made contacts to some Lithuanian landlords through Lithuanian website, which is full in Lithuanian.

When you look for the information on internet, you need to use Lithuanian words


Apartment, flat  -> butas
Student -> studentui
Near -> netoli
Vilnius -> Vilniaus or Vilniuje


In English the information is limited, but in Lithuanian you can see many vacancies^-^.

AI made contact some owners or Intermediation company by emails (i wasn’t enough brave to call xD)  and exchanged some text by using google translation.

For the first message, you should tell them

・you don’t understand Lithuanian
・When you wanna move in
・your name, name of uni
・how long you want to stay

Then the conversion must go smoothly.

Some penple speak English very well so it wasn’t hard after I made contact. Though some people never answered or said “there is no vacancy”😖

Talking about me, I got a reply from OB of my university, and he said there’s one vacant room where he used to live with his parents. They offeres pretty reasonable price for the rent, and the landlady(his mom) was very nice and friendly so I decided finally after 2weeks that I had started flat hunting😳!! It was long…

Even though the landlady doesn’t speaking English, the OB is so kind that every month he comes with her just to interpret for me. She comes over to the flat to correct rent end of every month.


I’m happy that I could meet awesome people and find very comfortable apartment 😉😉


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Thank you!


What I like in Lithuania !

As I said yesterday, I’m going to give some pros to live in Lithuania today 😉

First, it’s prices.
Comparing to western, northern europe countries, the prices in the east are quite low.
As there are many countries gathered in east, such as Poland, Romania,Bulgaria,Hungry,_20170522_153804

I guess you can travel those countries with low budget 😀 !
I would love to do it someday😊


Let’s begin with my expenses from last month to see how much it’s cheap!

・the rent 70euro
・utilities 30euro

・food 65euro
・transportation(bus ticket) 5euro
・mobilephone fee 2euro

In total 172 euro


To be honest I was saving money by not buying so much expensive things/food. For example the thing I buy at supermarket is :

Spagetti400g 0.25euro
Rice(not sushi rice, 4 bags) 0.5euro
One loaf of whole grain bread 0.6euro
Cabbage1.5kg 0.10euro
Potato1kg 0.15euro
Tomato1kg 0.90euro
Apple1kg 0.60euro
10Eggs 0.9euro
Meat stuffs are so-so. I sometimes buy sausages witch is 1.3euro for 1kg.

Those prices are so impressive because those are less half of the price you can see in japanese supermarket!

And yes, I do cook everyday, I don’t eat out or take away normally. I bear until I go with my boyfriend or friends so I can enjoy the meal more with them 😆.
About transportation, in Vilnius there are busses everywhere and everyone (locals, students, tourists) uses buss to go somewhere. If you are student, you can get discount and it’s only 5 euro then you can take bus as much as you want for 1 month.
And mobilephone fee, I pay 1-2euro every month.
I use prepaid sim card from PILDYK. You can call and sms as well. I use less 1GB even though I do use internet a lot as “I play pokemon go everyday~~~”😆lol i paid 20 euro for the same amount of internet in Ireland for example!

Well it sounds I always care about money, but not always! I spend much when I need or I want(like traveling), so I should save when I can. 😃
The second pros to live in Lithuania is

because you can see beautiful views with snows!
I think there are much nature in Lithuania. It’s beautiful even without snow as well.


That’s all ^-^ ! Thank you for reading!
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What I don’t like in Lithuania

Labas! It’s “hi” in Lithuanian 🙂

It’s going to be about 10 month that I’ve been staying in Lithuania. So, I would like to share what I like in Lithuania and I don’t. I guess i should start with negative part. So we can finish this topic with good mood 😏🌴

So the first thing I don’t like, is residence, and furniture’s structure is oldstyle, or sloppy. It is not that big deal, but for students the only residence that will be offered is shared room. 10411979_10152590855263633_4615165297713709217_nNoone can live in private room and it was hard for me. I could handle only a week and short while after I started flat hunting.Luckily it didn’t take long to find the one I’m living now😊 I have my own room with bed and desk etc, and share WC, kitchen, shower room with my flatmates. I feel so free to have my private room! However, I thought it is because the building is old first, the tiles of the all rooms are placed sloppily, and at some part you can see some cement appeared.DSC_3357 and some wallpaper is staring to peal off.. 😌 Plus, when there’s a construction somewhere on the floor, don’t know why but my flat gets much dust because of it!


I played with dust when I experienced the dust disaster for the first time. I was really hyped only that time xD


The second is, the language. If you don’t speak Lithuanian, it will be hard to live here. Even turists place they are not really motived to talk in English though pretty many young people can. Even though Japanese people are the same that not so many people aren’t good at English, Japanese are at least try to communicate and understand. In Lithuania when shop clerk find that you don’t speak Lithuanian, they go away and you just need to wait for others who can speak.😖 it happened to me even in immigration office..

But I can give a piece of advice, you’d better learn some easy Lithuanian words, like

“Good morning/afternoon” →Laba diena

“I”→Aš (ash)

“Not”→ ne

“Lithuanian”→ lietuva(letuva)

then you can show your attitude that at least you respect your culture! 😆 it’ll make them want to help you.


Thirdly, Lithuanian people in general do not try to be nice nor friendly in the shop, bus, etc etc.  I’m sure they are nice among their family, friends but not to somebody they don’t know. Also, in Lithuania you don’t hug or kisses on cheeks you are really close to the person. They never do those greetings with for the first meeting.

It’s curioust for me because other european friends I know always hug or kiss to say hi or goodbye, and even though Lithuanians are also european, they feel really awkward with these physical contacts.😃


And the next, the winter is very cold. I was happy to walk on the snow for the first 2 weeks, but finally got bored and sick of snow because snowing never stopped and no sun for long time and all place you walk were slippering.DSC_2721

I don’t remember how many time I fell over and hit my bud…


And lastly, the cons to stay in Lithuania… is that there’s only few Japanese people. When I see other international students chatting in their language,I feel a bit lonely…👽 Though most of the time in class I can be proud that I’m the only one Japanese! I feel like I’m the representative of Japan 😄


That was all, was there some interesting information for you? I hope you enjoyed. (*^-^*)

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The weather in Lithuania

Hi, Nekobuchi here 😊 It seems the temperature is getting warm gradually since last a few days ago. Especially it was so hot that even indoor I was hot this afternoon, I would like to talk about wheather in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Today’s max temperature was 27 degree, and it’s a bit humid. (34 percent humidity)

I can’t believe that just 10 days ago it was snowing so hard😰


And here’s the photo I just took

People I see on the street still keep wearing long sleeve shirt or even jacket, but today there are pretty many people with short sleeves than people with winter clothes on. Though, there are still… especially elderly people. I wonder they are not hot..😅😅😅

Talking about warm temperature, it reminds me spring… and …

Cherry blossom! Sakura!
Since early April, I’ve kept my eye on cherry blossom tree in

Chiune Sugihara park

The man who’s on the stone monument is Chiune Sugihara. To explain about him briefly,
he was Japanese diplomat working in former Russian territory (the place is now Kaunas, Lithuania) around the time of WWII. He saved many Jewish people by issuing Visa and even now he’s a person as linking bridge for Japan with Lithuania.

So, Chiune’s park is the only place that you can see Sakura in Lithuania(the memorial park is also in Kaunas)
This photo is taken 20th April. Still buds😌

22th April. The tip of the twigs look slightly pink…ish… 🤔❓

When I visited the park 30th April, I found plum blossoms blooming in the park 😄
Those were so adorable😊😊 Just to see them blooming there were many people visiting the park.

on the same day, I saw cherry still not blooming…
Hm? Scattering…? Though i don’t see any petals fallen, still on the way blooming? There were dolls hanged look alike “teru teru bouzu) in Japan 😳
We make this doll to wish the weather become sunny(e.g. you hang it the day before school trip, sports day, or events that you are looking forward to)
So I guess some people hung dolls to wish the cherry bloom soon?

And then, last week 12th May

… W H A T ? ?

It become completely green… well there are only leaves and buds had gone 😱😱😱😱😱 Did I miss??!

I was really excited to see Cherry blossoming, but after all… what a pitty 😢

Thank you for reading 🙂


What I eat in Lithuania

Hi all! Thank you for reading.
This is the first article on this blog. Please stick around ^-^

You may easily guess as I’m asian, I eat much of rice in Japan, so of course here as well. However, the rice I eat here is different from the one in Japan.
This is rice I buy in Lithuania.
This kind of rice is called “Thai rice (タイ米 Tai mai)” in Japan.

There are four bags in a box, it costs 50cent. It is really inexpensive right? 😀 So I always get only this brand. As far as I know all rice are more or less same so x3
Although the smell and texture aren’t familiar with me, I enjoy especially when I mix with some butter, cream chease or fry with some meat, veges etc etc.

My ex roommate, who was from Belarusi, was surprised when I was eating this plain rice and misosoup, so I guess it’s not really common to eat rice by itself.xD

When I want to cook Japanese food? Well.. I buy Japanese(sushi) rice 😀
The price is around 1.3euro, double of usual rice! I try to store when it’s on discount xDD
The left is Lithuanian rice,
the right is sushi rice.

There are several types of Japanese rice sold and all of them are in similar packages.
You break the bag, wash well, cook in the hot water pot and take care very well. Japanese rice is hard to cook when you don’t have rice cooker… sometimes overcooked, sometimes burned. This is why every family in Japan owns at least one rice cooker in their house!

Unlike sushi rice, you don’t need much effort to cook Lithuanian rice. Make the water boiling, through the rice bag in the water, and ready to eat 10 min later !

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