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How Vilnius city centre is like?

I have uploaded some videos of  Vilnius city centre and old town on My japanese blog, (as I can’t upload video here, sorry for this inconvenience😭) please check this out!


Some photos to sum up😉



Screenshot (253)

This is in front of  Cathedral Square. When there’s wedding(I see only on weekend), you can hear the bell ringing. Luckily, that day I could hear the sound of the bell and it mede the day beautiful with blue sky and people relaxing, chatting and smiling.

Screenshot (254)

I have never seen this tourist bus since I arrived in Last September and until April/May!


Screenshot (255)

You can visit Gediminas  tower and part of Vilnius castle by walking too. You can go up and see the castle for free though nobody can’t go inside.  You can go in the tower, this was rebuilded as small museum and to go in you need to pay 2euro for students, 5euro for adults.

The White monument over the castle is three crosses. You can go there by walking too.



Screenshot (257)

Screenshot (259)

The views from the top of the hill.

The River beside the hill is called Neris river. It’s the border of modern buildings and historical buildings!

Screenshot (258)

I am enjoying exploring Vilnius city far more than in the winter ^o^!!


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