My French boy exploring in Japan!

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry to have been away from this blog for such a long time.

I’ve been fine!:) I hope you all too^^

Now I am back in Japan(I just arrived 3days ago and I settled in after all!)

Now my boyfriend who is French, is writing a blog in English and I am translating his articles to Japanese so both Japanese people and in the world ;D

As we are not natives, there’ll be mamy mistakes(sorry about that and correct us in the comment, if you could (><)

But as he is Non-Japanese, I believe what he finds funny and thinks interesting etc may be similar to you.

so, please follow what French man is going to find in Japan !

He is going to start Vlog soon so dont missit neither 😉

there you go→Inu-buchi Blog


Thank you for reading!




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