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The view you can see not in Paris but south of France !


When I say I’m in France to people, they mostly say say “oh! I guess you’ll enjoy the eiffel tower”.  Just like Japan = Tokyo, people think France = Paris.

I’m from Japan but not Tokyo, and I’m not heading to Paris 😜


I of course would like to visit Paris, but since I’ve been exploring the South, I am discovering how beautiful the South France is !

I’ll pick some reason why you should visit.

As you know, the houses and buildings are influenced by the climate of the aria. Every area has their unique colors, materials, shapes for those and all are quite different .

The view with these cute houses is what you can see only in south of France.

2017-06-03_23_40_30.gifOrange roof and cream-colored walls 🙂



Also, there are much nature and leisure places to enjoy it.



huge river that you can enjoy boating and swimming and diving.

Quison, Alpes de haute provance



A magnific water fall, relaxing atmosphere and fresh air! Sillans le Cascade, Salernes



Those are just one little part of huge beautiful nature of South of France. These were just near from where I stay so if I try to go a bit more far there’ll be many places to explore.


If you are person enjoying nature, lying down in the sun, calm and quiet atmosphere,

You should definitely check out South part of France😳


Thank you for reading!

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