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How I found accommodation in Lithuania

Hi there😃 Kaip sekasi?(How are you?)

There was a sad news yesterday from Manchester. Let’s hope nothing like this would happen never again..My sincere condolences for the death of those people who passed away.


Today, I would like to talk about how I could found my current apparent in Vilnius. Also, if you are studeet and planning to study in Lithuania, you’d better check out😏

Why I didn’t want to stay in my university’s dorm was because

1495532778289…not this xD

But frankly speaking, yes, this is one of the reason. Also all the common place was so messy and I couldn’t have my own room… it was the hell for me 👽


So I decided to find flat by my own. I thought it won’t be so hard as I already experienced in some western europe countries. You can find easily there even you don’t speak the language well, as long as you understand English.


However… in Vilnius…😰😰😰

↑accommodate information for foreigners


↑for the locals


As you can see, the price is set expensive for foreign people, and at the time I was flathunting I couldn’t find any those kind of room, all apartments were full the beginning of September. I guess everyone thinks the same.. wants to have private room at least xD

So I made contacts to some Lithuanian landlords through Lithuanian website, which is full in Lithuanian.

When you look for the information on internet, you need to use Lithuanian words


Apartment, flat  -> butas
Student -> studentui
Near -> netoli
Vilnius -> Vilniaus or Vilniuje


In English the information is limited, but in Lithuanian you can see many vacancies^-^.

AI made contact some owners or Intermediation company by emails (i wasn’t enough brave to call xD)  and exchanged some text by using google translation.

For the first message, you should tell them

・you don’t understand Lithuanian
・When you wanna move in
・your name, name of uni
・how long you want to stay

Then the conversion must go smoothly.

Some penple speak English very well so it wasn’t hard after I made contact. Though some people never answered or said “there is no vacancy”😖

Talking about me, I got a reply from OB of my university, and he said there’s one vacant room where he used to live with his parents. They offeres pretty reasonable price for the rent, and the landlady(his mom) was very nice and friendly so I decided finally after 2weeks that I had started flat hunting😳!! It was long…

Even though the landlady doesn’t speaking English, the OB is so kind that every month he comes with her just to interpret for me. She comes over to the flat to correct rent end of every month.


I’m happy that I could meet awesome people and find very comfortable apartment 😉😉


If you’d like to see My Japanese blog as well, please visit 😉

Thank you!


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