What I like in Lithuania !

As I said yesterday, I’m going to give some pros to live in Lithuania today 😉

First, it’s prices.
Comparing to western, northern europe countries, the prices in the east are quite low.
As there are many countries gathered in east, such as Poland, Romania,Bulgaria,Hungry,_20170522_153804

I guess you can travel those countries with low budget 😀 !
I would love to do it someday😊


Let’s begin with my expenses from last month to see how much it’s cheap!

・the rent 70euro
・utilities 30euro

・food 65euro
・transportation(bus ticket) 5euro
・mobilephone fee 2euro

In total 172 euro


To be honest I was saving money by not buying so much expensive things/food. For example the thing I buy at supermarket is :

Spagetti400g 0.25euro
Rice(not sushi rice, 4 bags) 0.5euro
One loaf of whole grain bread 0.6euro
Cabbage1.5kg 0.10euro
Potato1kg 0.15euro
Tomato1kg 0.90euro
Apple1kg 0.60euro
10Eggs 0.9euro
Meat stuffs are so-so. I sometimes buy sausages witch is 1.3euro for 1kg.

Those prices are so impressive because those are less half of the price you can see in japanese supermarket!

And yes, I do cook everyday, I don’t eat out or take away normally. I bear until I go with my boyfriend or friends so I can enjoy the meal more with them 😆.
About transportation, in Vilnius there are busses everywhere and everyone (locals, students, tourists) uses buss to go somewhere. If you are student, you can get discount and it’s only 5 euro then you can take bus as much as you want for 1 month.
And mobilephone fee, I pay 1-2euro every month.
I use prepaid sim card from PILDYK. You can call and sms as well. I use less 1GB even though I do use internet a lot as “I play pokemon go everyday~~~”😆lol i paid 20 euro for the same amount of internet in Ireland for example!

Well it sounds I always care about money, but not always! I spend much when I need or I want(like traveling), so I should save when I can. 😃
The second pros to live in Lithuania is

because you can see beautiful views with snows!
I think there are much nature in Lithuania. It’s beautiful even without snow as well.


That’s all ^-^ ! Thank you for reading!
Please check my original Japanese blog as well 😳  My Japanese blog


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