What I don’t like in Lithuania

Labas! It’s “hi” in Lithuanian 🙂

It’s going to be about 10 month that I’ve been staying in Lithuania. So, I would like to share what I like in Lithuania and I don’t. I guess i should start with negative part. So we can finish this topic with good mood 😏🌴

So the first thing I don’t like, is residence, and furniture’s structure is oldstyle, or sloppy. It is not that big deal, but for students the only residence that will be offered is shared room. 10411979_10152590855263633_4615165297713709217_nNoone can live in private room and it was hard for me. I could handle only a week and short while after I started flat hunting.Luckily it didn’t take long to find the one I’m living now😊 I have my own room with bed and desk etc, and share WC, kitchen, shower room with my flatmates. I feel so free to have my private room! However, I thought it is because the building is old first, the tiles of the all rooms are placed sloppily, and at some part you can see some cement appeared.DSC_3357 and some wallpaper is staring to peal off.. 😌 Plus, when there’s a construction somewhere on the floor, don’t know why but my flat gets much dust because of it!


I played with dust when I experienced the dust disaster for the first time. I was really hyped only that time xD


The second is, the language. If you don’t speak Lithuanian, it will be hard to live here. Even turists place they are not really motived to talk in English though pretty many young people can. Even though Japanese people are the same that not so many people aren’t good at English, Japanese are at least try to communicate and understand. In Lithuania when shop clerk find that you don’t speak Lithuanian, they go away and you just need to wait for others who can speak.😖 it happened to me even in immigration office..

But I can give a piece of advice, you’d better learn some easy Lithuanian words, like

“Good morning/afternoon” →Laba diena

“I”→Aš (ash)

“Not”→ ne

“Lithuanian”→ lietuva(letuva)

then you can show your attitude that at least you respect your culture! 😆 it’ll make them want to help you.


Thirdly, Lithuanian people in general do not try to be nice nor friendly in the shop, bus, etc etc.  I’m sure they are nice among their family, friends but not to somebody they don’t know. Also, in Lithuania you don’t hug or kisses on cheeks you are really close to the person. They never do those greetings with for the first meeting.

It’s curioust for me because other european friends I know always hug or kiss to say hi or goodbye, and even though Lithuanians are also european, they feel really awkward with these physical contacts.😃


And the next, the winter is very cold. I was happy to walk on the snow for the first 2 weeks, but finally got bored and sick of snow because snowing never stopped and no sun for long time and all place you walk were slippering.DSC_2721

I don’t remember how many time I fell over and hit my bud…


And lastly, the cons to stay in Lithuania… is that there’s only few Japanese people. When I see other international students chatting in their language,I feel a bit lonely…👽 Though most of the time in class I can be proud that I’m the only one Japanese! I feel like I’m the representative of Japan 😄


That was all, was there some interesting information for you? I hope you enjoyed. (*^-^*)

The original Japanese blog is here, the content is the same but there’re different photos, so please check them out 🙂











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