What I eat in Lithuania

Hi all! Thank you for reading.
This is the first article on this blog. Please stick around ^-^

You may easily guess as I’m asian, I eat much of rice in Japan, so of course here as well. However, the rice I eat here is different from the one in Japan.
This is rice I buy in Lithuania.
This kind of rice is called “Thai rice (タイ米 Tai mai)” in Japan.

There are four bags in a box, it costs 50cent. It is really inexpensive right? 😀 So I always get only this brand. As far as I know all rice are more or less same so x3
Although the smell and texture aren’t familiar with me, I enjoy especially when I mix with some butter, cream chease or fry with some meat, veges etc etc.

My ex roommate, who was from Belarusi, was surprised when I was eating this plain rice and misosoup, so I guess it’s not really common to eat rice by itself.xD

When I want to cook Japanese food? Well.. I buy Japanese(sushi) rice 😀
The price is around 1.3euro, double of usual rice! I try to store when it’s on discount xDD
The left is Lithuanian rice,
the right is sushi rice.

There are several types of Japanese rice sold and all of them are in similar packages.
You break the bag, wash well, cook in the hot water pot and take care very well. Japanese rice is hard to cook when you don’t have rice cooker… sometimes overcooked, sometimes burned. This is why every family in Japan owns at least one rice cooker in their house!

Unlike sushi rice, you don’t need much effort to cook Lithuanian rice. Make the water boiling, through the rice bag in the water, and ready to eat 10 min later !

I also wrote this ariticle in Japanese as well, please check My Japanese blog 😉


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